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Visualize, Enhance, Link & Sync every Detail of your Life.

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See Your Life, Visually

Indispensable. Customizable. Simple. Manage all of your Life’s Events across 15+ life categories and 150+ templates.

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Link events to each other, so tapping on one shows the other. Find every Detail about YOU, related to everything else about YOU.

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Have all of your photos, videos, documents, attachments & PDFs with you. In One App. See You. See Your Relationships. See Visually.

2 flavors of the same app? YES!

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Revolutionize the way you manage your life's events, memories, and experiences

Find it hard to know where stuff is? Have too many apps, yet can’t track your life? TimeStampR was designed for that!

One App For Everything In Your Life

What areas of my life can I create events about?


Looking for that important info but can't find it?

Don’t remember if you saved it in your Reminders, or Notes, or Calendar, or Whatsapp’d it to your BFF?  While you are figuring out which one of 8 apps it’s in….

YOU can #RunYourLifeFromOneApp

Did you take a screenshot and saved it, but can't find it later?

Don’t have a way to save it, date it, tag it & note it? Of course not, Galleries don’t know about that. TimeStampR does. For every event, #WeHaveATemplateForThat.

Get organized #IfYouKnowItSaveIt

Want to See & Know all about YOU, in One App?

All Templates are custom-built to suit your every need. Be it milestones, important data, or memories, TimeStampR has you covered.


Shortest Quick Start Guide EVER!

How do I create my first Event?

  1. Open TimeStampR & tap the ‘blue+’ button.
  2. The ‘Choose Template‘ screen appears.
  3. Pick a template for the event you want.
  4. Fill in as many details as you want & ‘Save’.
  5. You’ve created your 1st event! Learn More!

Want to see example Events?


TimeStampR sounds great ...

... but what does it actually look like in real life?

We have dozens of example Events to show you! We dedicated a page to showcasing them. That's how proud we are of them!

Also, our poster girl Radicle is allowing you to peer into her life.

See everything YOU, Visually

Go on a journey of organized & enriched memorable moments. Life’s Events await you, and TimeStampR is your ultimate companion. Now you will be organized, while your life is searchable across an unlimited number of Events.

TimeStampR is Free!

The Free version comes with 50+ Free Templates. You also get a generous trial period to use 150+ Premium & Child Templates available in the Premium subscription.

Have a custom template in mind? Request it and see your ideas come to life.

With the Premium subscription, you get 1,000 megabytes of storage ensuring you have all the space you need to breathe and grow.

Create custom templates using 27 fields and 10 data types, empowering you to customize TimeStampR to your unique needs.

Run Your Life From One App

Imagine your life, visually simpler, when you can find everything easier & faster.

Imagine your life, fully organized, when you can use one app to keep track of the 1,000s of details that is you.


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