TimeStampR Security

Secure from the Ground to the Cloud

Data Privacy

TimeStampR has your security and data privacy at its core. Your data is protected by the best security protocols from your initial login to when your data is cloud-stored to enable real-time device sync.

Device-level Security

It is secured on your device via Biometrics, so only you have access to it via your Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint, or Face.

To change your password, you need to first enter your current password. Once that is verified, a secure One-Time-Pin (OTP) is sent to your registered email address. A password change takes effect only if all of these conditions are met – you have your device, you know your current password, and you have access to your registered email to get the OTP.

Secure API calls via Tokenization

Once you authenticate on your device, an encrypted security token is created and used for all communications between your device and the cloud.

All communications that subsequently occur between TimeStampR, your Data, and the Cloud are performed using SSL/TLS.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) ensures data privacy and security by encrypting all data while sending and receiving. This encryption is done via a 2048-bit SSL RSA encryption key.

Cloud-level Transfer & Encryption

When your data is transmitted to our secure cloud, the data is encrypted via government-grade Encryption in Transit using SSL/TLS.

When your data arrives in our secure AWS data centers, the data is encrypted via Encryption at Rest.