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TimeStampR is FREE forever!

You can also subscribe and get 50+ Premium templates that will make your events pop, along with Paid Templates you purchase only once.


TimeStampR is Free with 50+ Free Templates.

You also get a generous 60 day trial period to use 100+ Premium & Child Templates.

Once the trial period ends, you continue to use TimeStampR free forever.

You can also subscribe to continue using the Premium Templates.

Core Features Available in all Flavors of TimeStampR

Visualize – built-in array of reporting options like Gallery, List, Calendar & Timeline views

Enhance – make it rich by adding attachments like audio/video/image/scans/PDFs/documents

Recall – add notes, tags, keywords, people, tasks and schedules for easy recall

Track – create Events with due dates, flags and reminders

Link – Events can be linked/pinned to other Events; see context and relationships between them

Nest – Life Events can contain other Life Events, creating a natural hierarchy

Sync – Automatic cloud backup/sync updates all your devices in real-time

Prioritize – Tag Events with Low|Normal|Medium|High priorities

Organize – Organize Events in unlimited Notebooks and Folders

Tag – Use pre-defined Tags or create your own making it easier to find

Find – built-in, powerful, flexible full-text search capabilities

Filter – See specific Events by filtering on Templates & Tags

Sort – Sort in a variety of ways to see your Events the way you want

Share – Events can be shared with other TimeStampR users

Save/store unlimited attachments: documents, PDFs, audio, video, photo

Share your Events with others in your circle

MEGABYTES of Free cloud storage for your Events (upgrade as needed; save millions of Events)

Rich field types like DropDowns/PickLists, YES/NO, Checked/Unchecked, Red/Amber/Green, Colors

Create unlimited Notebooks with Folders for hierarchical grouping

Get help in-app or online with FAQs, User Guides, and How-To's

Contact Support via email & AppStores with your concerns/questions

Durations – Events support ‘Total Event Duration’ and ‘Time Since Event Started’

Auto-calculates and shows how much time has passed since an Event was created

Auto-calculates and shows how long an Event will take

Notifications – In-app notifications when Events come due

Calendar – full support for frequency, repeats, alarms, alerts, duration in Outlook/IOS/Google calendars

Date – Built-in support for start & end dates & times in all Events

Favorite – Tag templates and events you use often for prioritization and quick access


$0/ Forever
Basic Free Storage
Get 50+ Free Templates
NO Premium Templates
Email Support Only


$4.99/ Month
No Ads, Ever
Get 20x More Free Storage (1,000 MBs)
Get 50+ Free Templates
Get 50+ Child Templates
Get 50+ Premium Templates
Get Quick Help via Messaging Apps
Request New Templates Anytime
Create Your Own Custom Templates
Customize Templates with 27 field types
Customize Templates with 10 data types
Create Templates Inside Templates
20% Discount on Yearly Subscriptions
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