TimeStampR Features

TimeStampR is the mobile app to revolutionize you and the way you manage your life’s events, memories, and experiences. It empowers you to create, visualize, enhance and organize your events like never before. 

With 50+ features, 27 field types and 10 data types, there is a lot under the hood. Each heading below provides the features in TimeStampR, grouped according to how they help you.

Capture Your Life


See everything about your life with photos, important dates, etc, in one snapshot view


Make it rich by adding attachments like audio, video, image, scans, PDFs & documents


Events can be linked/pinned to other Events; see contexts & relationships between them


Automatic cloud backup/sync updates all your devices in real-time

Connect the dots and uncover the context of your life events by linking them together. Discover the relationships between your experiences and gain valuable insights into your life’s journey.

Say goodbye to scattered notes, missed appointments and forgotten memories. With automatic cloud backup and real-time syncing, all your devices stay up to date, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Organize Your Life


Use pre-defined Tags or create your own; make it simple to find


Built-in, powerful, flexible full-text search capabilities


A variety of ways to see your Events the way you want


See specific Events by filtering on Templates & Tags


Create Events with due dates, flags and reminders


Tag Events with Priorities –  Low|Normal & Medium|High


Events can contain other Life Events, creating a natural hierarchy


Tag templates you use often for faster visual access


All Events supports Calendar alerts, reminders & durations


All Events show you ‘Total Event Duration’ and ‘Time Since Event Started’

Find events with our powerful full-text search capabilities. Easily sort events in a variety of ways to see them just the way you want. Filter events by templates and tags to focus on what matters most to you. Prioritize your tasks with low, normal, medium, or high priorities with quick access to it all.

Stay on top of everything, from tracking total event duration to monitoring the time since an event started. TimeStampR effortlessly captures the passage of time. Seamlessly integrate any event with Outlook, iOS and Google calendars.

Access Your Life


Store unlimited documents, PDFs, audio, videos & photos


Events can be shared with other users


Free cloud storage for you (save millions of Events)


Create unlimited Notebooks with Folders for hierarchy

Enjoy unlimited storage for your events, with hundreds of megabytes of free cloud storage. Upgrade as needed and save millions of events effortlessly. Explore a wide range of field types, including dropdowns/picklists, yes/no options, checked/unchecked boxes, and colors, providing you with a versatile and dynamic event creation experience.

Organize your events effortlessly with unlimited notebooks and folders, allowing for hierarchical grouping. Your privacy is our utmost priority. TimeStampR guarantees that your data remains 100% private and secure and never sold. Your data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption at rest in secure AWS data centers to give you peace of mind.

See Your Relationships

Link Events

Connect one Event to another to see the time difference between them; Create unlimited linking for a richer experience

Auto Calculations

Auto-calculates and shows how much time has passed since an Event was created

Auto Durations

Auto-calculates and shows how long an Event will take

Discover the power of context and relationships as TimeStampR lets you link and pin events together. Uncover the intricate connections between your life’s moments and gain a deeper understanding of their significance. You are free to capture all of your life.

Experience the power of nesting life events within each other, creating a natural hierarchy that reflects your unique journey. TimeStampR auto-calculates and displays the time that has passed since an event was created, as well as how long an event will take.

See Your Life, Differently

List View

Shows Events in a rich media format with important dates readily visible

Calendar View

Shows Events in a monthly calendar format for better visualization

Timeline View

Shows Events plotted on a chronological timeline

Gallery View

Shows Events in a gallery or grid format

Visualize your life in stunning detail with our built-in reporting options. Choose from Gallery, List, Calendar, or Timeline views, allowing you to explore your events in the most captivating and intuitive way possible. Enhance your memories by attaching audio, video, images, scans, PDFs, and documents, creating a truly immersive experience that captures every detail.

Stay informed with in-app notifications when events come due, ensuring you never miss an important moment. From tracking total event duration to monitoring the time since an event started, TimeStampR effortlessly captures the passage of time. One tap adds any event to your native calendar app, with full support for repeats, alarms, alerts, and event durations.